You can swim: the guts to speak freely

I have trained online public speaking courses almost every day of this year. One reason that people join the trainings: they feel they do not connect with the audience when a screen is in-between.

The fear is totally unfounded.

Virtually everyone connects easily through Zoom, or whatever the platform. This is obvious at the beginning of a training. When participants share what they want to get out of the day, they talk smoothly and naturally, they are being themselves, they connect.

The fear is also totally founded.

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Moderating on camera: the key to virtual moderating mojo (is the same as for any other moderation)

Is it your experience too these days? When we speak in the virtual world, we need to do some things  decidedly different. But, luckily, other things stay pretty much the same. I recently experienced this again when I had the honour to moderate the 30 anniversary Interreg event for the European Commission.

The event was supposed to be hybrid: half the audience online, the other half joining us in the wonderful Gold Hall at the Square here in Brussels.

But, surprise, Corona forced us to go entirely virtual. The big hall ended up almost empty. I found myself talking into cameras to an audience I never saw.

Here I am. Almost all alone. The audience at home.

Almost all alone.

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Selling change: the top tip for change management communication

The number one change management communication tip:

How do you persuade people (and organisations) to embrace a change-management concept like Excellence?

Murat Aydin and Christian Forstner invited me to their third edition of Excellence Talks to discuss this (see the video below). Both know a thing or two about selling Excellence. Christian is one of the world’s leading experts in the field and Murat has led his company’s (GC Europe’s) journey to winning the EFQM’s Global Excellence Award last year. EFQM is the European Foundation for Quality Management.

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An ocean of opportunity: my fun-fantastic online speaking journey 

Online public speaking: exploit the opportunity

Had you told me a few weeks ago that I’d be as enthusiastic about virtual presenting as I am now, I would not have believed you.

Going into lockdown here in Brussels in March, all physical trainings were immediately postponed. At the time, most clients weren’t ready to move trainings online. Understandably so, they had other things to worry about.

But what if they had moved trainings online right away?

Would I have felt ready?

The answer is a resounding “Yes but…”

The yes

The biggest obstacle in making a good presentation is good content. Your presentation has to give the biggest possible value to the audience. I haven’t given a training where this wasn’t so: creating the value is the biggest hurdle a speaker needs to take. And it’s the biggest help I give: a method that shows you how to create top notch content every time. Read more…