Choosing powerful words

Winston Churchill The Power of Words

“Short words are best, and the old words are the best of all.”

I seldom give a training without this quote from Winston Churchill.

The rationale for short old words is powerful. They easily enter our brain. More than that, Churchill recommended using old words because they have been with humanity for long. We have a deep connection with ancient (Anglo-Saxon) words like blood, sweat and tears. They go into our head but we also feel them. They go through our gut.

That is the essence of the advice: some words reach deeper than others. Churchill for example renamed the Local Defense Volunteers. It’s not a bad name but Churchill thought it was too technical. He had a better name: the Home Guard. Home and Guard. Take a moment and contemplate all the meaning that sits in both words. Wouldn’t you agree that they have a much deeper feel to them? And look how short they are.

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2 thoughts on “Choosing powerful words

  1. It is so useful. short note, effective message!!
    In another TED talk recently in my city I tried using your tips while preparing myself. Once the video becomes public will send you the link. Thanks again for wonderful coaching !!!!

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