Be a generous persuader!

How do you become a confident charismatic speaker? How do you gain presentation reputation? Let me answer in two words: generous persuasion. It’s the art of getting results by giving value. The door to generous persuasion is open to all. In fact, if you are introvert, you are particularly suited for the art. Generous persuasion is informed by the wisdom of ancient rhetoric, the best public speaking system in the world. I help you master that art, online and offline, with corporate trainings, big-event workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions.

That’s me

Public speaking lecturer and trainer, I am in love with the wonderful ancient art of rhetoric. Twenty years in communications have taught me that most people stay leaps behind their potential as speakers and communicators. My passion is to help you make those leaps and reach that potential. My trainings are moments of intensive learning through method and practice. They are also lots of fun. I’m a proud Toastmaster, two times Belgian Champion in Humorous Speeches, Champion in Inspirational Speeches and in 2020 I qualified for the World Championships of Public (Online) Speaking.

What I can do for you

Team & group trainings

My trainings are fun and transformational. Their are motored by a safe environment in which you enjoy stepping out of your comfort zone, discover your strengths and learn to build on them, and learn a method that helps you find out what you need to say – every time.

The speech of your life

Presenting to the CEO? Pitching to investors? Talking at the leading industry conference?
When it counts you need a coach. Contact me.

Keynote Speaker

Book me for your conference. I speak on generous persuasion: the art of getting results by giving value. Conference organisers appreciate the mix of deep, practical learning and my friendly, entertaining style.

They’ve already worked with me

And many more via agencies I train for.

…and that’s what they say

I know you do this for a living but I have to say you are damn good.

Kouris Kalligas CEO, Therachat

Under time pressure, Carsten helped improve my speech a lot in little time. He is a wonderful coach.

Joyashree Roy Professor of Economics and joint recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize as member of the IPCC

Carsten’s speech was as enlightning as it was entertaining: he gave us a totally new approach to soft-skills. We are booking him again.

Erik Leung PMP, Content Leader PMI Belgium Congress

“Carsten’s training helped me become a better speaker on TV and in interviews. I use less jargon, making my field better understood by scholars in other fields. I’m also a better writer, writing for outlets like the London School of Economics blog. Most importantly, I have learned from Carsten how to translate “heavy” academic language into efficient and specialized languages for a variety of academic purposes, such as grant writing. I was a recipient of various prestigious EU grants. It is more and more fundamental for a junior European researcher to know how to secure academic funds.”

Georgiana Turculet Marie Curie Research Fellow

Carsten, you are simply amazing:
sincere, professional, a great coach and excellent trainer.

Murat Aydin Head of Quality Assurance & Business Excellence, GC Europe

May I say your speech was one of the funniest I have ever heard
– in TV, stand-up comedy, real life.
A good speech is one that the audience remembers forever. I will never forget.”

Sangbreeta Moitra Find the Speaker Within

I cannot help to write to you: your advice to spice up our talking has stayed in my mind and I constantly catch myself constructing funny phrases or adding funny remarks. Thank you Carsten, it works.

Alena Huberova Conference Host, Czech-Slovak Toastmasters Conference

I write about Committed Speaking

Short! A reflex to set your speech up for success

Less is more.

Heard it a thousand times.

But how? How do you start with less?

There is a super simple answer to that and it lies in a moment.

The number one change management communication tip:

Selling change: the top tip for change management communication

How do you persuade people (and organisations) to embrace a change-management concept like Excellence? Murat Aydin and Christian Forstner invited me to their third edition of Excellence Talks to discuss this (see the video below). Both know a thing or two about selling Excellence. Christian is one of the world’s leading experts in the field […]

Online public speaking: exploit the opportunity

An ocean of opportunity: my fun-fantastic online speaking journey 

Had you told me a few weeks ago that I’d be as enthusiastic about virtual presenting as I am now, I would not have believed you. Going into lockdown here in Brussels in March, all physical trainings were immediately postponed. At the time, most clients weren’t ready to move trainings online. Understandably so, they had other […]

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