Plunger or planner? Or how to plan a text.

Writing an article, don't just type away. Plan a little first. Here's how to do it.

I have become a more effective writer (and speaker) thanks to journalist Don Fry who puts writers into two categories: plungers and planners.

Plungers start writing before they know what they write.

Planners only write when they know what to write.

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The phrase that pays

In public speaking, think of a phrase that people can recall when your speech or presentation is long over.

In public speaking we always say that your speech needs something sticky, something that people will easily remember, something to hang on to when the speech is over.

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A class of their own: introvert presenters

Everyone can be a good speaker and presenter. Introverts particularly so

Do you think good presenters are born?

If there is one thing I’ve learned, both as a ‘Toastmaster’ and in training presentation skills, it’s this:
we can all become good speakers and presenters.

And introverts particularly so!

I used to think of good presenters as outgoing personalities but not all good presenters are like that. In fact, audiences love to listen to people who are usually more quiet.

I think there are many reasons for this. Here are three that I can make out: Read more…