Get on the phone

Do you ever think about the power of the good old telephone?

In these days, when Social Media is all the rage, it is easy to forget what an effective communication device it is.

So, in this post I make a plea: make the telephone part of your equation when you define your communication strategy.

That is because, next to meeting in person, it is still your fastest way to make an impression.

In the positive or in the negative, that impression can go deep, and I have an example for both.

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Social Media is about relationships

Social Media is about relationships

Tom, is a friend of mine.

He is also the Managing Director of Stranslations, a UK translation agency that started out with Social Media just a few months ago.

Twitter is the platform he uses most, and from the beginning, I couldn’t help to notice how well he uses it.

In fact, it’s a showcase on how to do it right. Read more…

Lighten up your e-mails

Are you suffering from e-mail overload?

Most of us do.

Let’s help each other and make e-mails (those we do need to send) easy to read.

Here is a user-friendly format. Read more…

How to be yourself when you write

Carsten Communications is a full-service agency dedicated to providing tailored solutions for…

Are you still awake?

I made those words up but could just as well have copied them.

The Internet is full of About us texts like these — formal, third person, the same old words.

The facts in such a text are near impossible to remember. There is only one message that sticks: “This agency is just like any other.”

Which begs the question: why are these texts so common? Read more…

Do you want to impress?

You need to want to impress your audience.

I have a Dale Carnegie book at home.

It’s called ‘The quick and easy way to effective speaking’ and there’s one thing I love about it.

It doesn’t start with technical tips but with one strong message: be confident. Walk out and impress your audience. That is the secret: you need to want to impress and that holds true whether you write a speech or a text that is meant to be read.  Read more…