Lighten up your e-mails

Are you suffering from e-mail overload?

Most of us do.

Let’s help each other and make e-mails (those we do need to send) easy to read.

Here is a user-friendly format. Read more…

How to be yourself when you write

Carsten Communications is a full-service agency dedicated to providing tailored solutions for…

Are you still awake?

I made those words up but could just as well have copied them.

The Internet is full of About us texts like these — formal, third person, the same old words.

The facts in such a text are near impossible to remember. There is only one message that sticks: “This agency is just like any other.”

Which begs the question: why are these texts so common? Read more…

Do you want to impress?

You need to want to impress your audience.

I have a Dale Carnegie book at home.

It’s called ‘The quick and easy way to effective speaking’ and there’s one thing I love about it.

It doesn’t start with technical tips but with one strong message: be confident. Walk out and impress your audience. That is the secret: you need to want to impress and that holds true whether you write a speech or a text that is meant to be read.  Read more…

Blogging is not just for extroverts

A blog is not just for extroverts. It gives you space to find your style and if you pair it with e-mail subscription, you get a killer combination.

Did you ever feel that blogging is for extroverts?

I used to think so.

I saw it as a medium for people with too much time and too much to say.

Well, I was wrong.

Turns out a blog is a great way to get your message across, no matter what your personality.

And what if I told you that blogging is not only powerful but takes less time than you ever thought possible? Read more…